Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break, Staycation 2012

Back at the first of the school year, I wrote down the dates for Spring break 2012 in my calenders: March 19-23. We planned a trip to Mississippi during our spring break, and our family made plans to celebrate Easter that week.
We have been counting down the weeks until March 19. Last Tuesday, I practically sang "TWO more weeks!" I was so excited. Then, Wednesday Morning I took London to Dance class and her dance teacher said "No class next week since its spring break." And with that, panic set in as I frantically searched for the dates of our break. Turns out... I wrote down the wrong dates at the start of the school year. And there you have it, one of my biggest blond moments of ALL time.
Our dates for MS could not be changed, so we are in town for a Staycation for this year's Spring Break. And have no fear, we will be in Mississippi next week as planned.

So with days to plan our Staycation, I decided to let the kids make a wish list of fun things to do.
I let them put anything they wanted on our To DO list. There are some pretty funny things on there, like "make a smoothie" and some really fun ones too. I have a few fun surprises up my sleeve too.
Day one of our Staycation, and a good chunk of the kids list is checked off. I told them we might have to add more to it. From the checklist:

We had a picnic at the park with friends. (check!)
And since it was with friends, that counts as a playdate, right? (check!)
Once we were done playing with friends, I called my mom to arrange the kid getting to hang out with her and my nephews (who she is keeping for a few days). They were at another park down the road. My kids call this park "The Wooden Park" and it was on their check list. Also on the list was to see their cousins, Wyatt and Trey. (Check, Check!)

This evening the kids and I went with my mom and the boys to the movies to see The Lorax (check!).
Then the kids went to play for a bit, and here we are all worn out but super happy and content.

We're so excited for tomorrow, because Daniel is joining our staycation!!!!

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