Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dylan's Preschool Gradution

*My camera is currently in a shop being fixed, I borrowed my Mom's but don't know how to download to my computer... so until the computer guru (aka my hubby) can help me out, a post with no pictures *gasp!!!*

Today was a big deal for my little man. Today marked the end of an era in his little life. He graduated from Preschool. He could not have been more excited. Daniel and I could not have been prouder. It was precious and perfect and I tried my best to soak every bit of it up, because I've figured out by now that time flies so fast when you have little ones.

I had planned to get up and make a big breakfast, like a breakfast for a champion... because my little guy is a champion and I wanted to start the day off celebrating that. Too bad I slept in (thanks to my sweet hubby and his sweet intentions) and the kids were fed cereal before I woke. *Sigh* Oh well, it was only important to me, I'm pretty sure. Still, I wanted to start the day of celebrating the specialness of it, so we left for school early and stopped by our favorite donut shop for some sugary goodness (I'm sure his teachers appreciated that!) Dylan was more excited about that treat than he would have been by my big 'ole breakfast, so it worked out well. The morning weather was perfect, so we ate outside...adding sprinkles to a fabulous treat. Daniel took a couple hours off work to be see our big man walk the stage, and that combined with his Grammy driving over to celebrate also was without a doubt the best part of the whole day for Dylan.

When we got to school, it was the usual rush-rush-rush getting Dyl into class (we are always 5 min late), but I couldn't help but to to get a little sentimental walking down the halls to his class and thinking about how fast this year had past, how fast the last 3 years of his preschool career had past. I made sure he was all squared away in his room and joined the family in the chapel for the ceremony.

I was more than prepared to be the blubbering idiot in the room, balling because my baby is growing up way, way, way to fast. However, I am proud to report that I did not even break out into an ugly cry. I was simply misty-eyed (through out most of the program). Dylan, as always, did a great job on stage. That boy of mine has got the best stage presence of any kiddo I know. Really.

All of the preschoolers marched in to music and then came onto stage for their first performance, which was this cute alphabet song. They then exited the stage for the pledge of allegiance. We were on the second row and Dylan was right in front of us, so I guess he could here us saying it along with everyone. After the pledge was done, he turned around and said, "Good job, Daddy!" It was beyond cute! He saw me smiling and then said, somewhat loudly, "Are you okay Mommy? Have your cried?" Ha! My sweet little man knows his mom! I whispered that I was okay. He then turned around and very loudly said to his teacher "I think my mommy will cry. She cries." The whole section we were sitting in heard and was giggling. What can I say? I'm an emotional mommy.

When they called Dylan's name to come get his certificate, he was just beaming. My heart was so full of happiness and pride that it could have burst! After receiving their certificate, the music teacher asked each child what they wanted to be when they grew up. The answers were so cute. As soon as I heard her ask the first child, I knew Dylan would say Super Hero. And let me tell you, I know my boy! When she asked, he confidently said A SUPER HERO! She asked him which one and he said SPIDER MAN! Another moment of pure cuteness!

After the ceremony, all the parents went into the class rooms and had some refreshments and visited. Dylan was most excited to get to play with Daniel for a bit. He was showing his cool dad off to all his friends! It was fun to watch. The teachers put together a little scrapbook for all the kids. I took lots of photos over the school year, but it was nice to get "inside shots" of his days.

I can not believe that this was his last year to be a preschooler. And I can't believe that next year London, my baby, will be a preschooler. Let me tell you that I will be spending the summer enjoying and soaking up as many special moments as I can with those two and their Daddy!

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  1. Awe how sweet, I love this post and London is so sweet. I loved his answer, so cute! This fall Ayla will start preschool and my son will be a senior in highschool, I am going to be a basket case..lol. Have a great week!