Wednesday, May 5, 2010

End of Season.

Yesterday was the last game of the season for Dylan's tball team. Its been a great season, and Dylan really enjoyed it. I was nervous that he would be really sad about this being his last game until next year, but he was fine with it... I get to play soccer next! was his attitude about it. He is such a good kid. He really, really is.
He played a great game! Even though this is tball, our town starts the kids on coach's pitch half way through the season. They let them have the tries at hitting off the coach, then let the kids hit off the tee. Dylan got one hit off the coach and then other two off the tee this game. The hit he made of the coach was really good one too! This mommy was proud! And so was his sister, who is his biggest cheerleader!

Daniel didn't sign up to coach since this is our first year in sports. He wanted to get a good fill for how things are run and plans to sign up next year. He ended up still helping coach everygame though. Most of the dads helped out. At this age, they need lots of help. It was a lot of fun for Dylan and Daniel to do this season together. I don't know who enjoyed it more. Daniel is one of the best daddies ever.
Dylan improved in lots of areas through out the season. One thing that did not improve? his love of digging in the dirt while in outfield. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. My little man, all dressed up in his uniform, out on the field... digging in the dirt. Maybe next year when he's a little older there will be less digging, but for now... its all fun and games!
One thing that Dylan picked up from some of the boys with older brothers was trying to slide into home plate. I think this might have been one of his favorite parts about the game. His other was the snack after the game! Also making new buddies was big part of the fun.
To celebrate my big boy and his first season of t-ball I made him some baseball cupcakes! I'm so proud of my sweet Dylan. I can't believe he is old enough to play ball. I feel like he was a little bitty butterball of love cooing up at me just yesterday.
It was a great season! We can't wait for next year. And now we can't wait for soccer to start!

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