Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rewind and Done with PreK!

Sheesh! Its been a while! Summer has been great so far and very busy! Even more so than I thought it would be. I'm going to do my best to recap and get back up to date over the next week. I really do try to keep up with my little blog so that I can use it as a journal/scrapbook of this time in our lives, I'm just not always great about it!

Over the next week I hope to recap:
Our Summer Days
The Stockyards
San Antonio
Mother and Father's Day

Whew! Well see, but I think I can do it! haha!

For now, lets rewind all the way back to Mid May!
Dylan had his Preschool graduation and is officially no longer in preschool! Its unreal how quickly he is growing up. He's such a sweet and happy little boy, I am blessed to be his Mommy!

The morning of "graduation" we took him for a special breakfast at one of our favorite donut places.
I fully expected to be a big cry baby, but surprisingly, I held it together for the most part. Dylan must have expect the same from me, because right after the group said the Pledge of Allegiance, he told his teacher (in a voice loud enough for our whole section to hear) "My Mommy will probably cry!" haha! My little guy knows me well!
The program was so sweet and well put together. They sang a couple of songs, and did their animal alphabet that they had been working on all year. So sweet!
At the end, they had all the kids walk across the stage to receive their "diplomas" and a metal to wear around their necks. The teacher asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grew up. Dylan said "A Super Hero... Spider Man!". I knew he would say some sort of super hero, my cute little man!
After the program, their was refreshments in the classroom and the teacher gave the parrents an "All About Me" book that they worked on all year. I love, love, love things like this. I will treasure that little book forever and ever. I can't wait to look back at it with Dylan when he is a Senior in High School one day.
And of corse, Grammy came to see our big man's big day! She's always the Guest of Honor in Dylan's book... he loves her bunches!

And because I never did come back to post them... these are the photos from the end of the year concert. I have a cute video too, that I need to upload....

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