Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Several weeks ago, we took the kids to our favorite pumpkin patch.
We've gone every year, except for the year London was born, since we've lived in Texas.
The first time we took Dylan, he right around the age that London is now.
I remember that day well.
Dylan was so excite about everything there.
The jump houses and "BIIIIG" slides were his favorites.
He did a crazy flip on the huge blown up slide. And scared the bajeezus out of us. (He was fine, TYJ!)
He was SO excited about the little train there, and I believe he rode it twice.
It seems like that was last week.

I can't believe that this year we took a SEVEN year old Dylan and his three year old little sister.
It makes my heart so happy.

And this year was better than ever.
London has been twice before, when she was one and two, but this was the first year
that she could do most everything there. She was so excited about it all,
just like Dylan was when he was three.
She shocked the socks off of me by going down that same huge slide that Dylan did that crazy flip on.
She is not a daredevil like her big brother.
I think its because she had Dylan with her though.
And I think Dylan loved having her there to play with this year.
I love seeing their love for each other develop and grow.

We had a great time taking hay rides, picking out little baby pumpkins, jumping in bounce houses, and running wild.
I planned to go several times, but this month was so busy that before I knew it, today was the 30th and we were going back for only our second visit this year. The patch closes after Monday, so I think two visits are all we're doing this year. Maybe we'll get to frequent it more next year. Because we really, really love it. And its a special place for our little family.

Here are pictures from our visit early this month
(pictures from today to come soon)

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