Monday, October 3, 2011

London's Pajama Party!

We had London birthday party on Sunday.
Her all time favorite book is Polly's Pink Pajamas.
I'm not kidding, she ask for this book several times a day.
She can recite most of it. I don't know why she loves it so,
but she does. So, it was no brainier to me that she should have a, as
Polly would say...
"Pajama Party!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!"

I had a lot of fun finding ideas for this one.
And my mom was my right hand (wo)man.
Seriously, I could not have pulled it off with out her
and that sewing machine of hers.

They say that love is in the details.
If that is true, then this party was
exploding with love.
So much love, that I'm going to dedicate this
whole post to purely the "love" of the party.

This wreath welcomed our guest. It was actually the
wreath that my mom made for London's hospital room when she was born.
I love that we were able to reuse it three years later to celebrate that very day!
I bought these glass drink dispensers on the cheap this summer,
and they are one of my favorite buys ever. Putting a pretty ribbon
and cute sign on them is such a fun way to add a touch of piz-zaz to any party.

"Sunshine Juice" was Orange Juice.
"Pajama Juice" was Apple Juice.

Mommies need coffee with breakfast, right?

Now for my very favorite part, the food table.

I told my mom
that I wanted it to look like a bed. I wanted the theme of the table
to be "Breakfast in Bed". I asked her if she could make a headboard, and
man-oh-man did she deliver!

And for the food...

And another favorite was the kids' table.
I told my mom that I wanted it to look just like a made up bed,
and again... she hit the nail on the head!

And Ya'll. This is really one of my favorites...
as a party favor, I asked my mom if she could
make pillow cases for each kid.
As with everything, she exceeded any expectation that I had.

Oh wait! This might be my favorite! Lol! Actually, I couldn't
pick a favorite if I tried. I loved everything so much!
At the end of the party, my Mom read a bedtime story, Polly's Pink Pajamas,
of course. And we had cookies and milk for the kiddos.

And this? This is how milk should be served at a kids party!

This is another easy go to, fun detail that I always do for parties.
Again, I found these big tubs for super cheap at Target this summer,
and for any party I just throw a cute thank you framed on it.

And I have to brag on my sweet, sweet husband. He helped me
Saturday getting ready for the party. And Sunday, he was
on top of things. I couldn't have managed with out him either.

Our Birthday Princess LOVED her party.
Just like her Mommy, she is already talking
about what to do NEXT year!

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