Wednesday, November 2, 2011

London's Ballet Costume Party

London's ballet class had a little Halloween party last week.
I took her to the store to buy a costume, but she was set on being a puppy and wearing a costume we already owned. Well, we got home and the costume was too small. I dug out this a Garden Fairy costume from her closet and she wanted to be a fairy right away. What makes me gitty about this little costume is that she actually wore it when she was 1 years old (it was big on her then... and she was a very chunky baby) and it made me crazy happy to see her in it again.

The thing that excited London the most about this party was putting together goodie bags for her class friends. I've done goodie bags a ton of times with Dylan, but this was the first time with London. She is not in preschool, so there has never been an occasion. We had a lot of fun picking goodies out at the store. She picked a little plastic pumpkin filled with candy, stickers, and small bottles of yummy smelling hand sanitizer (she loves any kind of lotions, soap, or sanitizer).

London LOVES makeup. She watches me do mine and begs me to put it on her. Of course, I don't usually, but for the special day I put a little blush and just touched her lashes with my mascara. She ooooohed and ahhhhed over herself for minutes. I asked her if she knew that she was beautiful and she said YES! haha! I'm glad that she knows it. All the girls looked adorable and they all had a great time. She sees Dylan get to have class parties all the time, so it was fun for London to have a special celebration too.

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