Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More on London's Pajama Party

We had the party at a local dance studio.
They did such a good job with the games and entertainment,
and they were so helpful in set up and break down.
I'm sure they thought we were a little crazy when
we started walking in with tons and tons of decorations and props,
but they were so nice.

The entertainment was some dance games and a bouncy house.
I think the kids all had a great time.
London really loves to dance.
Sometimes, she gets a little shy about it,
but once she lets loose, she has the best time!

London has been talking for MONTHS about having a pinata at her party.
On our way to the party, she said "Did you remember the pinata?!"
And she asked me no less than 10 time during the morning of the party
if I would remember to bring it.
So I might would say that the pinata was her favorite part of the party.

Also, she seemed quite worried about the decorations.
For a few days leading up to her party she would ask things like
"Are you going to decorate my party, mama?", or
"How will you decorate it?"

The morning of, she said "Where are all my decorations?"
I assured her over and over that we were decorating and that she would
love it. I was just so tickled about this. She sounds just like her
mama, needing to know all the details of the party.
I'm a nut when it comes to having a plan.
Maybe London is the same way?

Also, she was quite excited about the cake.
She wanted to know who made it.
We actually got it from the Target bakery (doesn't it look great though!?)
and after we told her that, she kept saying
"I love the cake that Target made me!"

She is so funny!

My mom read all the kids, London's favorite book,
"Polly's Pink Pajama's"

London can quote almost every page of the book, so she really
chimed in to help Grammy read the book. So cute!

I looked over and saw Daniel sitting down next to London with his cookie
and milk. I love that he didn't hesitate to get down and enjoy the party
with our little princess. He is such a good Daddy.

At the end of the party,
London handed out
"Good Night Kisses"
to all of her friends.

This was just Hersey kisses bagged with a cute
tag that said "Good Night Kisses from London."
My wonderful Hubby put them together for her.
She really loved handing out her goodies.

We took her gift home and opened them.
I'm a fan of doing it this way because it feels
much less chaotic and I feel like we can focus on
each gift much better this way.

And that is for parties at the Hilburn house for this year.

11 more months until the next one :)

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