Thursday, October 6, 2011

London's BirthDAY

If you know me, or have read this blog, ya'll know we do birthdays big
here at the Hilburn house. So, on top of throwing fun parties,
our birthday girl/boy gets to celebrate ALL DAY LONG on their
actual Birthday.

We start off with them waking up to ballons in their room.
London even slept in her bed so that she could wake up to birthday balloons
in her room!! (Big achievement!)

Then comes birthday breakfast:
London wanted a flower and her name.

Then comes presents...

My dad and Brenda sent her an LSU cheerleading outfit.
She LOVED it. This was her reaction when she pulled it out.

She said "OH MY GOSH!!!!"
I laughed so hard, I cried.
I hate character clothes/shoes/bookbags/anything.
But London saw this iCarly bookbag at Target and nearly
passed out from desire.
It went on super clearance and I sent my mom to get it.
So glad I did. She was beside herself with excitement.

We always let birthday child pick where to eat on their special day.
London picked Chickfila.
So, we went and checked Dylan out of school. (He left right after we opened gifts)
and headed out. But not before stopping to take a few Birthday Pics...

After Chickfila, Grammy took London to Target
and let her go on a mini shopping spree.
I was so tickled because London seemed like she really didn't
know what to do. I guess she is use to me saying "Not today.",
"No, Baby... Put that back."
So when my mom would say "Do you like it, London"
she would say yes but then put it back on the shelf.
We had to keep telling her she was getting to take some toys home.
So funny!

Then we headed to Chuck E Cheese for even more fun.

Please note these little boots.
London's best pal got them for her and
she no longer wants to wear any other shoe.

Then we came home for my favorite (new) tradition.
Letting the sibling make a birthday cake.
London decorated on for Dylan all by herself on his Birthday.
And Dylan was very excited to return the favor to London on hers.

He had many more ideas about what he wanted on his cake to her...
And I let him pick everything, from frosting to sprinkles
to writing to the shape of the cake.

Finished product...

London loved it and Dylan was so proud of his self.
I seriously love this tradition and cant wait to see how the cakes
get better and better as they grow up.
Who knows, maybe they will get each other cakes
even when they are all grown up.
That would make my heart so, so happy!

And that wraps up London's Birthday Extravaganza!

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