Monday, August 15, 2011

A Crazy Weekend.

I haven't blogged much lately,because there has not been much to blog about.
Life has been pretty uneventful
and that's not a bad thing.
We've just been chilling out,
trying to stay out of this crazy heat,
and enjoying summer.

This weekend, however, was...

My sweet boy started having some real tummy pains on Thursday night.
We had a really rough night and had trouble sleeping due to the pain,
but he eventually fell back to sleep, and slept through the rest of the night.

Friday came and he seemed to feel completely better.
A few times during the day, he said
"My tummy hurts just a little bit"
but nothing major.
He wasn't his normal peppy self,
and spent most of the day lounging
and watching TV.
I just chalked that up to him not sleeping much the night before.

Friday night, he fell asleep with out much of a problem.
He still was saying it hurt just a little, little bit.
Well, around 2:00 the in the morning
he woke up in a lot of pain.
I tried to get him to breath through the pain,
relax, take a warm bath, watch cartoons to get his mind off of it,
or anything else to help him get through the night.
He had no fever, so I really wanted to make it through the night
and take him to his Pediatrician in the AM.

The pain eventually was seeming way to bad to be normal.
I called my mom and had her come stay with London
and Daniel and I took Dylan to the ER.
They were so nice and friendly and so quick!

The Doctor recommended a cat-scan.
At first glance, it seemed he did have appendicitis,
but with further review he did not.
Turns out he was just...
very backed up
(to say it nicely).

So, some medicine and strict diet and two days later
Dylan is back to his normal little self.
We are so thankful.

We are going to follow up with his Pedi to see if there
are things we can do to avoid this in the future.

I have to say,
I was SO impressed with my sweet boy
while he was in the ER.
He was so calm and brave
with everything that had to be done.
He had to have an IV,
which I was nervous about,
but he did not shed one single tear
or even jump when they put it in.
He wasn't phased by the cat-scan.
He was just so grown up and brave.
We were so proud of him!

As I said, we are so thankful that this was something
minor and that could fixed easily.
I kept thinking how grateful I am for our healthy family.
Its such a weird feeling to see your child
getting a cat-scan and seeing all his little insides
on the screen. Thank You, Jesus, that we didn't
find anything badly wrong in his body.

Today, we are going to go have fun and enjoy
being healthy and feeling great!

And by the way..
I can not even believe its the last week of summer!!!

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  1. Dylan's toughness makes me smile. I had an ER visit when I was Dylan's age, and I remember crying over the IV. It's definitely a scary thing to go through as an adult, much less a child.