Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This weekend was all about celebrating.
Saturday morning, London and I slipped out, just the two of us, to celebrate a beautiful little birthday girl who was having her 3rd birthday! "L's" party was so much fun, and London had the best time. The highlight for Miss Priss was definitely getting to ride a horse! She is still talking about it..

Saturday evening, my mom came over for Dylan's favorite meal...
Breakfast for Dinner!

This was not meant to be anything special, just some breakfast foods for dinner, but one thing led to another and the next thing I know it became an event of its own.

Dylan decide he would set the table for us.
He did it "all fancy".
Then he decided that he needed to write the menu on our kitchen chalk board.
Which could only mean that our kitchen was now a restaurant.
And a fancy one at that.
Dylan was our waiter.

After a delicious dinner,
Dylan decided a dance party was in order.
So, dance we did...

Dylan cracks me up with all the things he thinks up with for us to do.
Sometimes I wonder where he comes up with this stuff.
We love it though and want to encourage his creativity and love for the small things that make life so fabulously grand.

Speaking of fabulous and grand, Sunday was our fabulous Daddy's birthday and it was quite grand. Actually, it was completely laid back and relaxed, but that's exactly what he wanted and so its what he got, which is grand. :)

I am cherishing all these sweet moments of life. Its always in the back of my mind that sooner than later my babies will be all grown up and life will be so, so different. I'm thankful everyday for being Mommy to my two sweet babes and a wife to an amazing man. Its a privilege that I try to never take for granted.

Here's to celebrating life and all of the little moments that make it so sweet!

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