Friday, August 19, 2011

So Long Summer!

Summer 2011 sure was good to us.

I can not even believe that its come to an end.
I feel like I was just counting down the days
until school let out.

I've been pretty MIA from blogging.
Mainly because there just hasn't been tons and tons to write about.
Its been over 100 degrees for something like
50 days.
I have never taken so few pictures in a month
as the number I took in August.
I think its something like 50.

Its too hot to lung around a camera.
Its to hot to do much of anything.

This is what our Summer Days have looked like...

Staying up late and "sleeping in" (this means 7:30-8am)
*this is how the sleep all the time, melts my heart*

Staying in doors as much as possible.
*Daisy says it really is the dog days of summer.*

Making a weekly trip to Chickfila with our friends.

Swimming. Though, we have gone much much MUCH less
this month than we did the first of summer. Its to hot for
anything, I'm telling ya!

Occasional outings to the snow cone stand or yogurt shop.

Lots of inside playtime with playdough, coloring, board games, puzzles,
and best of all, our imaginations

Getting ready for Ballet and School to start!!

The kids had their first paid baby sister a couple weeks ago. Mom and I went to see The Help. It was SO good and it was special to see with my mom, as we were both born and raise in MS.

We had a "big" outing last week.

Dylan went to work with his Daddy.

*Cutest thing ever*

I don't know who was more excited, Dyl and Daniel.

My mom, London, and I all met up with the boys during THEIR lunch break (so cute!) at our favorite mall. After lunch, Daniel headed back to work and the rest of us did a little shopping and lots of playing..

Then we went back to Daniel's new office for a tour of the place.

Notice half the pictures in this post are from that one day.

Lol. Its pretty much the only "big" outing we've done in a while.

I can't wait for Fall weather.
I plan to be outside
We made this two weeks ago...

And now its down to just a few rings.

Monday is the first day of school,

and as sad as I am to see Summer leave,

I'm excited to start the school year!

So long Summer,

thanks for being so good to us!

See ya next year!

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