Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet the Teach & Sunday School Promotion

I'm still in slight disbelief that summer is over.
That could be partially due to the fact that it is still over 100 degrees
with no change in sight.
But, we are ready for school to start
and SO ready for fall.

Friday night, my sweet love bug had "Meet the Teacher" night at school.
He was so excited about it. He woke up on Friday counting down the hours until
he found out who is teacher was and who was in his class.
And for some reason, Mommy had a few butterflies for him too.
But of course, everything went great!

We are very excited about Dylan's 1st grade teacher.
We've heard nothing but great things about her, and
we know it will be a great year.

Dylan was a bit bummed because he had three friends that he was
REALLY hoping to have in his class and he didn't get any of them.
BUT he does have at least five friends in class with him,
and he is very excited to meet knew friends.

And I just have to take a moment to brag on my sweet, sweet little man.
One friend that he really wanted to be in class with,
is in the classroom across the hall.
When we got home and were talking about it,
Dylan said
"I'm pretty sad that "H" isn't in my class. But I am
so happy for him, because he got "T" in class with him
and "T" is his very best friend."

Dylan has the most kind and tender heart of anyone I know.
I told him I couldn't be prouder of him !

This morning was also a big day.
It was Promotion Sunday at church.
Dylan went to the 1st grade class,
which made it pretty legit that he's a
first grader, in his opinion.

And this is the part that just really blows my mind.
London is no longer in the nursery,
but is now in Sunday School.
I'm mean, really?
I swear I just had her.

She was so excited and so proud
that she got to go to Sunday School.
She thinks she is a big girl now!

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