Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Umpa Meom and Paw Paw!

The Rest of Our Vacation
As sad as we were to not have more time at the Grandparents' house,
we were equally as excited to get to go down to Daniel's parents house.
They live on a beautiful river
and it is oodles of fun to be there.

When we arrived, we were greeted by some special guest.
Four furry ones.
London and Dylan were so excited about the kitties
you would have thought it was they were the best thing ever.
They were pretty darn cute!

Dylan made a b-line to his favorite spot at Memom's and Umpa's, the hammock.
I mean, it was literally like
"Oh, We are so glad ya'll are here! Where is Dylan?"
because he was already in the hammock before we had even
hugged necks!

In the same way that open space is with soft green grass
is our sanctuary of sweet goodness at the Grandparents,
this beautiful stretch of river is just plain happiness.

The kids love, love, love to skip stones into the river with Umpa.

And we all love slipping our shoes off and wading through
the cold water of the river.

Seriously, look at these views.
And I really didn't get a picture that does it justice.
Every time we are down there
I think to myself
"This is the perfect place for Yoga"
I mean a view like this just feeds the soul
spoons of peacefulness, no?
Too bad I don't do yoga.

After a little river time
we headed back to the house
for what might be my new favorite dish!
Memom made a Eggplant casserole that had
shrimp, ground beef, cheese, and tons of other
yummy things in it.
SO good.
I'm gonna have to get that recipe!

Just like in the country
(actually, this is also the "country" but I always call it the river")
the kids went straight to sleep.
Fresh Air and lots of outdoor play
its the best remedy for sleep, I think.

Daniel and I stayed up
and enjoyed some grown up time
with Umpa and Memom.
We always love this time with them.

When we woke up,
we had biscuits with the yummiest homemade jelly.
Then, my littlest bumkin went with Memom
and Daddy to do some morning gardening.

Sister makes a great little country girl.

And she rewarded herself with a little R&R in the hammock.

Daddy tried to snag a turn,
and London and I had lots of fun trying to flip him out.
I'll let you guess if the two of us were
strong enough for that one!
He's so sweet though
and let us "flip" him for fun,
which London thought was the best thing ever.

Lorie, Daniel's little sister, came down with her kids
and all nine of us jumped in kayaks and took a little trip down the river.
I took London in mine and Daniel had Dylan.
Dylan loved the whole thing, even flipping out once.
London was less than thrilled with it all.
I don't even know what everyone else's reaction was to it all
because I was so caught up with London fussing,
me trying to not flip us,
and to be honest, getting it over with
(because of the fussiness).
But from what everyone said, they enjoyed it.

We came back to the house and were rewarded
for our hard work in the river
with some of the best red beans and rice that
ya ever did have!

We took a little nap, and then the kids enjoyed some
homemade popsicles.

That night, we met my Daddy and Brenda for Dinner.
This is of course, my favorite part of any trip to Mississippi.

He is doing well,
looks great and is as happy as always.
There are no words for how much
I love my Papa Poo.
So, I'll spare you all the sappy-cheesiness of me trying.

Seeing him just does my heart so much good.
I could hug him a million times.
And I'm so grateful to his wife for taking great care of him
and for always driving him up to meet us and
treating us to dinner!

Sunday was the day to go home.
Just like with the Grandparents
we never feel like we've had enough time
with the In laws and are always sad to leave.
But it was bitter-sweet,
because after 10 days of an amazing vacation
we were all very ready to be home.

And that wraps up all of our vacation.
I don't know if I could pick a favorite
place or activity from the trip.
We had so much fun everywhere that
we were able to go.
But I do know that my very most
favorite thing of the vacation
was simply having my hubby
all to myself with our babies
for ten days straight.
My heart is still full of happiness!

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  1. I saw your comment at Kelly's Korner and I love the clever name of your blog!

    What a cute post! You kids are adorable!

    We just came back from my parents lakehouse, so this post had me shaking my head...our families are so lucky to have beautiful places to visit.

    I love your background on here too!!