Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 8:Grandparents House

Daniel's Grandma and Grandpa
are some of the most wonderful people
that I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

I remember the first time that I met them,
they made me feel so welcomed as part of their family,
even though I wasn't yet married to Daniel.

I joke with Daniel that if we ever split up
I get the Grandparents.
I love them like my own.

And being at their house out in the middle of know where,
breathing in fresh, warm country air,
watching my babies run barefoot in more outdoor space than they know what to do with
from my seat in a swing,
listening to stories of sweet memories of the past,
sharing opinions of events present,
and feeling insaid amounts of love in the air...
Its pure heaven
pure bliss
for our family.

Daniel and I have always said that Grandparent's house is like
our own little sliver of heaven.
Its peaceful and quiet
and yet filled with
laughter and happiness.

And to kick start all the happiness
Grandma always cooks the most amazing breakfast for us.
Seriously, we've gotten in be more than once and said to each other
"I wonder what she's making for breakfast"
The menu changes often,
but it is always
"Slap Yo Mama Good".
I mean, these pancakes were boarding on sinful...
And breakfast was made sweet by this sweet little girl singing us songs with her Great Grandparents. Dylan joined in and we got a fabulous concert to enjoy while we ate.

My little sprouts wasted no time getting outside.
I don't think the table was even cleared before London had found her way
to one of her favorite spots,
the big tree swing.

Dylan found a cozy spot right next to Grandpa another swing.
Dylan adores Grandpa
and I think its safe to say
the feeling is mutual.

Grandma and London picked some tomatoes from the Garden.
I love watching my city babies
getting to live country life
for a few days.

London is crazy about Grandma.
They spent lots of time playing with bubbles.

I think the place that the kids spend the most time at
is the tree swing.
One or both of them are at it
at most times.

And it seems to never fail that Daniel will push
Dylan at heights that make my stomach flop.
Dylan's sequels of excitement and smile that is
plastered on his face are so priceless.

And how do you cool down on a hot
Mississippi Summer Day?
With a Smith County watermelon
of course.
I swear I have dreams about those things.

Almost every time we are down there
Dylan has something up his sleeve
that he wants his Grandpa to help him make.
And every time, Grandpa figures out a way to make it happen
and takes Dylan and Daniel
to his workshop to build this or that.

This time it was a boomerang.
Another staple at the Grandparent's house are those little
squeezable coolaid drinks.
I admit that I don't usually let the kids drink them at home
because they are filled with sugar,
but all "sugar rules" get put aside
while we are here, and the kids drink
those bad boys like they are
at an all expense paid bar or something.

A sign of a good summer day in the country...

Again, I had to set my "sugar rules" to the side
for the kids to make chocolate pudding with Grandpa.
They thought they were in heaven!

The babies sure do get spoiled with goodies and love...

They have been married fore over 50 years and you can still see
true love between them. They are a true inspiration.

After lunch,
we said our
"See ya later"s
and headed out.

We are always sad to leave.
And we are already looking forward to Christmas!

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