Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach Trip 2011 Part 2

Day 4: 4th of July

When I booked our trip, I was SO excited that we would be on the beach for the 4th of July! Fireworks over the ocean? Sounds amazing!
I had grand intentions of bringing FOJ crafts to do with the kids and all these ideas of explaining to them why we celebrate the day and how amazing it is that we live in the great country.
How does the saying go? "It's the thought that counts."
I'll claim that one for this instance.

There was not a single craft done or even much of a inspirational speech, but we did enjoy some of the beauty that our great nation offers. And really, it was enough.
Maybe next year on the rest.

So, we started our our day Ocean side.
(Actually, we had to run to town and do some grocery shopping because I was slightly ill prepared first thing, but we wont count that!)

I sat under our cabana with my handsome hubby while we watched our babies play in the sand. The loved digging and putting sand in their buckets.
They also loved running to the edge of the Gulf and letting the waves tickle their toes.
It was pure bliss.
For about 15 minutes before they were begging for the next thing.
Not exactly how I envisioned it.
In my mind, they would keep at it for an hour or more while Daniel and I sat and watched while having the best uninterrupted conversations.
Maybe in a few years.
For now, we'll just enjoy the thrill on our little sprouts' faces when Mommy and Daddy jump in the ocean to play with them.

I think the family favorite of this day was buggie boarding.
I have never done it, as I'm truly a fan of being IN the ocean (but there was no way I was going to NOT get in with my little fishes), but it was SO fun.
I don't know who had the most fun...
The two big kids or the two little ones.

Dylan said he wanted us to bury him in the sand. I think he had seen this on tv or something.
So we did just that. And made him a Merman while we were at it.

And Miss Priss was not about to let Brother be the only one having fun...
So we made her into a Mermaid too.
Several people walked past us and laughed, smiled, or gave us a little thumbs up.
Then there was one older lady who also gave us a smile and a wave and said how sweet the kids were. I could have just been projecting my own sappiness onto her, but I really felt as though she was probably thinking "Enjoy them while they are this small. Time goes fast!"
Even if she wasn't thinking it,
seeing her sweet smile made me think to do just that.
Soak in every moment of my sweet little babes.
Time does go by so, so quickly.
I feel like we'll be taking teenagers to the beach before we know it.

I planned to be on the beach for 4 or 5 hours, but as do many of my plans, that fell apart. The kids are still to little for such a long time out at the beach. So, we came in and had a little rest time and some cartoon time in the condo. Part of me felt it was a real shame to be spending time doing things we can do everyday at home while we were at the beach, but as Daniel pointed out... the point of vacation is to relax. And that's what we did. Lots of relaxation. And turns out, that was pure bliss!

That night we dress in our FOJ best and headed into town to eat dinner and watch the firework show. None of the restaurants take reservations on the 4th, so we knew the wait would be long, but the restaurant that I really wanted to eat at had a TWO hour wait. I called my sister and asked her where we should go since she travels down to the area pretty often. She suggested a little restaurant that she said was sort of off the beaten path. We decided to try it and I am so, so, so glad we did. It was right on the beach, the food was pretty darn cheap (half of what we spent at Tacky Joe's), and it was truly some of the best seafood I have ever eaten. If we go back to the area, this will be one our first stops!

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