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Beach Trip 2011 Part 3

Day 6: Last Day at the Beach

Maybe we just had to work up to it,
but this was the only day that we spent
a huge chunk of time on the beach.
I think we were there just over four hours.
Of course, it was our last day.
It was a great last day though,
and its always good to end on a sweet note!

We started off with a walk on the beach.

I am going to be embarrassingly honest now,
since this whole blog is meant to serve as a sort of journal for our family,
even though the bit to follow is a pretty embarrassing.

Walking alongside the beach first thing in the morning is one
of my favorite parts of a beach vacation.
I planned to do this every morning that we were there.
Of course, that didn't work out because of this and that.
Since this was the last day, I was determined that
we would go for a walk and look for seashells.

As soon as we got down to the beach, London threw a huge fit
because she didn't want to go for a walk.
We calmed her down a bit and pretty much told her she didn't have a choice.
We were going for a family walk.
She begrudgingly strolled along with us, pout on her face most of the way.
We couldn't have been more than a few steps in when Daniel says
"Hey you know the pass code to get into the condo with out the key, right?"
Ummm.. NO! I DON'T
"Well, I didn't bring the key. I thought you knew the code and we would just get in with that. This way I don't worry about losing the key."

I was so stinking mad that I'm almost certain there was steam coming out my ears.
The walk back to condo with a thousand bags in weather that is no less than one hundred degrees in bad enough with out the daunting task of figuring out how the heck to get back into the room.
I should have taken a deep breath.
I should have said "Ok, we can deal with it later. Lets not let this ruin our morning"

I screamed at an embarrassing level (thankfully, not many people were out on the beach yet)
and threw a temper tantrum suitable for a five year old.
I cried.
I know...
I swear I'm not just a big ole bratty baby.
I wasn't crying just because my walk was screwed up and I was now locked out of my condo in heat that could kill a cactus.
It must have been a build up every every single plan that got popped like a water balloon over my head.
I over reacted and had to apologize
to both Daniel and the kids.

Failed attempt to walk the beautiful beach and temper tantrums behind us, we settled into perfect spots on the beach for what was a lovely and relaxing morning. Daniel and the kids worked on a sand castle while I watched from the cabana. London ran back and forth between the boys and me. She spent a good deal of time sitting with me, singing songs and talking, while we watched they boys hard at work. This was one of my favorite moments of our trip.

They boys took a break from building our sandcastle and we all jumped in the ocean for a while.
We attempted some buggie boarding, but our board was too badly broken.
We still had a great time splashing around and body surfing.

We came back up and settled back into more of the same...
relaxing, sandcastle building, and then taking ocean breaks.

And after at least an hour of hard work,
Daniel and our little ones finished their work of art!

Sandcastle complete, we enjoyed a little more time at the beach and soaked in the last bits of it, at least until next year!

We then headed back to our condo for some time in the pool, rest, relaxation, and then dinner with this view...

Gulf Coast 2011,
You were a fun trip
Thanks for the memories!

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