Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 5: Beach Day

I was excited about this day, because we had no plans other than being beach side.

We started our morning of at a slow, vacation pace.
We wondered down to the beach and set up shop for a few hours.

When the kids started to tucker out, we headed back to the condo.
I may or not have bribed them to make the long walk up the hot-as-you-know-what sand with an ice cream sandwich. Actually, I may or may not have done a whole lota bribin' on this trip.
Once back at the condo, we jumped into the pool to play for a bit before heading up stairs.
Then the kids both had a nice long rest time while Daniel and I played some video games.
I know, I'm a cool wife, baby!
Actually, I feel asleep.
Lets go with "it the thought that counts" bit again.

Once everyone started stirring again,
I cooked a little dinner and we ate at the dining table with the ocean as our view.

After dinner, we headed back down to the ocean for a little more beach time.
We frolicked a little in the water, but the kids were pretty close to done for the day.
I was able to bribe... ugh.. I mean get them to nicely take some pictures for me.
I think the pictures bellow are maybe my favorite of the whole trip.
I only wish I would have looked cuter for the family shot. Oh well. I'm afraid this is a true depiction of how I looked the whole week. No make up and crazy hair. Thank the Lord my hubby loves me, even when I'm not made up!

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