Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Number Seven.

I say this all the time, and I really, really mean it. I don't know where time goes. I swear to you that it feels like just yesterday I had a newborn baby boy laying on my chest breathing sweet baby breath on my skin while we snuggled on the couch. But the reality is that it was not just yesterday, but rather five years. Wow. My baby boy is five and a half. Don't leave that half out either, its very important to him. He's my little boy now. And I am so, so proud of him.

He is playing in first organized sports this year, tball. And he LOVES it. He is doing great at it too! He's had several practices over the past few weeks and this weekend was his first game. He got his uniform at least weeks practice. I don't know who was more excited, me or him. Haha! As soon as we got home we ripped open our bag to see what number he got.

Meet my handsome boy, number 7!

Saturday, when he woke up he was so excited for the game. As Dyl would say "so excited my head is gonna 'splode!" Again, not sure who was more excited, me or him. We were both like kids going to Disney. haha! I whipped up some baseball pancakes to make breakfast special. Dylan love them, but I didn't even think to get a picture.

When it was time to get ready, I asked him to please let Mommy help him. I just wanted to help dress my baby boy for his first ball game. He didn't need help, but still humored me. I couldn't help but get a little teary thinking as I dressed him. I thought to myself "One day, he'll be a big teenage baseball player and driving himself to his games." Maybe he wont play in highschool, but I kind of hope he does. I love baseball. And who knows, maybe one day he could even be a Pro Baseball player! haha! And if he is, I'll be sitting at his games and remembering his very first tball game and how excited he and I were as we got him dressed in his first uniform. :) I'll keep that memory with me forever, no matter what he really is when he grows up.

When we got to the fields, Coach was starting warm ups for the kids. It was so cute to see them getting pumped for the game. I got so tickled putting Dylan's ball bag in the dug out. I know, I am so so sappy. Its gross. I just can't help it. I love my two so much and am realizing how fast they grow up. I just want to soak up every single moment of their childhoods.

Dylan did a great job playing. He hit the ball really, really well. It so funny, but he does not want to drop the bat after he hits the ball. Everyone is yelling "Drop the bat, Dylan!" as he is running to first base. Oh well! In tball its not an out to bring the bat to first base.

(my very favorite picture of the whole game)

I really thought that while he was in the field, he would be in la-la land or pretending, but he surprised me and was SO focused the whole game! He stayed in his little "T-ball ready" stance the whole time he was supposed to. He even got to stop, catch, and throw the ball once.
And London was the best little cheerleader for her big brother.

I think the cutest moment of the game was when Dylan looked up and saw that my mom was there. He was next up to bat, and when he saw her he game the biggest smile and starting waving like crazy and said "HEY GRAMMY!" He was so excited to see her and so proud of himself too. There was a big "awww" let out by the moms around us. hahah! It was really cute!

After the game, the team had a little huddle. Coach told everyone how great they did and all the kids got a snack and juice. This might have been Dyl's favorite part. haha! I'll tell ya what, seeing him all dressed up and playing so well, I was just so so so proud, I thought my heart would explode!

Here's to an amazing Tball season! Go Number Seven!!!!!!!

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  1. Awe how sweet!! He looks so professional out there with his glove on the ground..lol! I also love sports, I can't wait until our little ones will be able to play! Hope you had a great Easter!