Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was a cold, but good one!
Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day, with temperature getting into the 70s. The kids and hit the park, yet again! We went to the park almost everyday last week!
This time, we took some bread and tried to feed the ducks that are in the park's lake, but they were not at all interested in us or our bread! It was still fun to run around the lake. The kids kept making duck noises (probably why the ducks didn't come near us!). They had a blast though, and it was super cute.
I really enjoyed having Dylan home all last week. He only goes to school two days a week, but London and I miss him lots while he is there. I'm looking forward to this Summer. Its just so nice to be able to have both babes with me all day. I don't know WHAT I'm going to do when he starts 5 day Kindy next year! Yikes! Good news is that he loves school, so that makes it easier on this Mommy's heart. I'll just soak up Summer even more, I guess! And this summer, I have some fun things planned!
Saturday it was COOOLD. And then around 5pm, it started snowing. We got about 3 inches. I'm telling you, this has been a crazy winter here in Dallas. I'm glad Spring is here! The funny thing is that even though we had a cold weekend, today the high is 64! hahah! That doesn't even make since to me! I welcome the warm weather regardless though!

With it being so cold, we didn't even leave the house Saturday. We have all been busy bees this past week anyways, and the lazy day was a very welcomed break. It was cold and gloomy outside but warm and beautiful inside!

Sunday, we went to church, even with snow on the ground (if you live in the deep south, you know how people don't snow if there is an inch of it out!). By the time Sunday school and church were over, the snow was mostly melted. I was a little sad for Dylan, because he never did get to go out and play in it. He was only sad for a second though and then perked back up. We decided to do lunch at this little Mexican market near by. The people who work there speak very little English, and it always stresses me out trying to order, but we're getting better at it and the food SOOO worth it. Seriously, the best Mexican food I'v had in a LOOOONG time, and the prices are great! The rest of the day, we just relaxed around the house and enjoyed each other.

Its was a wonderfully lazy weekend here at the Hilburn house!

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  1. What is up with the crazy weather.. we had beautiful weather all weekend and today it is freezing!! I understand about school, I want to start Ayla in preschool this fall and John doesnt even want to talk about!! It is good for them though and they have a good time!! Have a great week!