Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

So, I will admit that I don't have any significant Irish roots (that I know of anyways), but I still love me some St Patrick's day! Okay, let's be even more honest... I love any day that can be completely themed. I'm a sucker for a theme. But I do love St. Patty's day for its richness too! :)
I had all kinds of fun St Patty's themed stuff to do with the kids today. I planned to do some SP arts and crafts, have three themed out meals, read some SP books, and end with a movie night (a favorite of Dylan's!). I was prepared to make this day all kinds of green.
Then I woke up with a bit of a stomach bug. Not fun. I was pretty knocked off my feet all morning. And I was SO sad that I felt so crummy and couldn't muster up the umph to do all of the fabulously planned activities.
But the kids didn't know any difference. I've learned not to unload lots of great plans and ideas to Dylan until they actually about to happen. This if for two reason, number one being that I hate to disappoint him if plans fall through (like this morning), and number two being that I know he'll ask a million and two question about said plan and drive himself and me crazy trying to get every single detail laid out in his little brain.
So, we opted for an easy morning. We played around in the floor. Dylan and I plaid some Guess Who, and we watched cartoons. And I tried to not die. Then, London went down for a nap and I was able to sit Dylan beside me and entertain him while I cat napped. Praise the Lord, I felt much better when I woke up. And by the time the kids had lunch, I was ready to get our St Patty's on!!

So I dressed my two cuties up in their SP shirts (thanks Mom, for making them!) and got ready to head out for a fun filled day!! We had to run two quick errands first and then we headed to the park! We had a little impromptu picnic with some cookies th London asked for (meaning she pointed to them, said COOKIE! and smiled) and our drinks from Sonic. Dylan loves picnic, so it was a fun thing to throw in.

Once our picnic was over, the kids went to town playing in the park. I was a bit nervous to let them just run about because there were SOOOO many people there. I ended up keeping them together and climbing all through the play area with them. Dylan loved that London and I were on "a quest" with him, London loved being part of Dylan's play time, and I loved being able to keep them together and with me! It was great fun for all of us.
Dylan amazed me by going down the pole all on his own. I didn't prompt him to try or anything. And he did a great job! I did make him go back and do it again so I could get a picture though! hahaha! He's use to my crazy picture taking by now!
It was just the perfect day to be outside. I guess thats why there were a thousand people all dressed in green there with us! When we first pulled up, I thought maybe there some sort of SP party going on that I didn't know about! But there wasn't they were just all there to have fun in the sun! I kept thinking "Enjoy this now because you know the summer is way to hot for this." Here in Texas, the summers are SO hot that I don't think there is any way I will have the kids at the park in the middle of the day. But we will go in the morning and maybe some in the evenings.

London did a great job climbing all over the play place too! She is getting good at it and is fast! Also, when I was doing her hair this morning, I couldn't believe how long it is getting! She is looking like a big girl these days! She wanted to several things that she just isn't big enough to physically do yet while playing today. I kept telling her "Not yet, Baby Girl! Maybe you'll be big enough next year!" That made me remember how it was to have her at the park this time last year. It was a whole other ball game. I can only imagine what it will be like to take the kids the park next year!
After the park, we headed over to the library. I thought I would grab a few SP books for the kids, but there wasn't a single one to be found. And then I realized I didn't have my library card, so we didn't even take home a single book. That okay though, because the kids had a big ole time playing in the kids area!
I didn't get to do a themed breakfast, but I did manage to shape the kid's sandwiches with a four leaf clover cookie cutter for lunch. And I pulled off my planned Irish super tonight. We had a shepherds pie because I am not a fan of corn beef and cabbage. Yuck. It was my first time to make this, but it was so easy and I big hit, so it wont be the last time!

Tonight, my handsome hubby put London to bed and then we curled up on the couch with Dylan for movie night. I always have snacks and a fun drink ready for movie night, so in honor of Sp, we had green cool aid and green frosted cookis. And popcorn, of course! Dylan drank like half a gallon of cool aid. He acted as if he had never had it! I usually wouldn't have let him have so much, but it was a fun and special night, so what the hey!

Even though I didn't get to do everything that I had planned, we did have a great day. Dylan told me it was "the best day ever!", which is what he always says about a day that her really enjoyed, and London went to sleep with out any fuss tonight (meaning she was worn out!), so I say the day was a great success! I'll try to get in all my crafts next year! hahah!

Happy St Patty's day, ya'll!

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  1. What a fun St. Patty's Day! And, I LOVE the shirts. Wow, they are so cute! Your mom did a great job!