Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

I don't want to jinx it, but I think that Spring might just have sprung!!!

And today we had a perfectly beautiful Spring kind of day! We had a lazy morning (my favorite!) and then we spent the afternoon doing a little shopping and then the park.

I got some awesome deals at Old Navy on some basics, like denim and khaki shorts.

Then we headed to hobby lobby to pick up some Easter crafts to do over the next couple of weeks. Dylan loves crafts and I love having them to decorate around the house with. London likes to sit with us and doodle while we craft. I'm glad she'll take part in it with us. Dylan was never into crafts of any kind, even though I tried so hard to get him to be, until he was about 4. And with out wishing away any of these years, I can't wait for her to be old enough to really be able to do arts and crafts with us.

The park was super crowded again today. I guess its due to spring break. I can't wait until next week when its less crowded! Thats a little selfish of me, because Dylan really loves having so many kids to play with. Its just that I worry so much when I don't have direct sight of him, especially with so many people around.

The kids were so cute at the park today. London looked up at me and said "swing!" so, we walked over to swing and Dylan offered to push London. It was so sweet watching them. Dylan was so gentle and didn't push her too hard at all. When she was done, Dylan hopped into the swing and London and I pushed him. I'm so thankful that my kids love each other so much!

When we got home we had dinner and played outside until it was bedtime. London went straight down with out single fuss! And Dyl is reading comic books before he conks out. Hope everyone else had a beautiful day to!

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