Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dallas Art Museum

Since Dylan is out of school for a whole week for Spring Break, I decided to plan some extra fun things for us to do. Today, we went to the Museum of Art in downtown Dallas. They are having special Spring Break activities for the kids and I knew Dylan would really enjoy that.
One of the crafts for today was that the kids could make their own hat. The museum had all kids of cool supplies on hand to use to make and decorate, and several examples. I couldn't believe how easy it was to whip up a little crown and how cute they turned out. I will for sure be recycling this idea for a class party or two! Maybe even a birthday party! :)

Dylan wanted to make a hat decorated with super heroes. So, I had him draw the faces of his favorites and then I helped him build the crown, cut the super heroes out and put them on the crown. He wanted me to write, HIS super hero name on the crown, "The Prenteder!". haha! We make up bed time stories for him sometimes and in them Dylan is a super hero that can turn into any other super hero that he wants, and his super hero name is The Pretender!

Once we were darn with arts and crafts, we took a walk around the museum. Dylan amazed me with how interested he was in learning about the different time periods of the paintings. I wish I could have taken more time to explain thing to him, and read the plaques myself, but London Lou was not excited about sitting still for too long. That okay though, one day she'll be old enough to really enjoy this too. The picture above, Dylan asked if he could take a picture of it so that he could show his Daddy when he got home. I thought it was so sweet, cute, and perfectly Dylan to want to do something like that.
There are seats all through out the museum, and every now and then Dylan would ask if he could sit. Of course if Dylan is doing it, London wants to.

A few times, Dylan would really just sit and study a painting. And London would just sit and stare because thats what Dylan did. My heart melts looking at this picture.

I knew that Dylan would have a great time with the kids hour, but I wasn't sure what he would think about the museum itself. I was very please to see how much he enjoyed it. He even asked if we could go back. And also a pleasant surprise was how much London enjoyed trying to do the crafts. She did try to eat glue a few times, but over all she did great!

It was so beautiful to look out and see the "big city" out the window. I love being in down town, but I do NOT love driving down there. Its too stressful of a job for this small town girl! haha!

And, you might notice... Dyl finally got a hair cut! He really wanted to grow it out (no clue why) but it was too hard to deal with and his hair is just too frizzy. He looks like a big boy with the new do!

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