Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009 (Trip 1)

Oh, Pumpkin Patch, how I love you so!!!

Every year I look forward to the pumpkin patch. We have gone to the same one every year since we have lived in the Dallas area. Even since moving further out from the city, we make the 45 min drive just to go to THIS pumpkin patch, even though there are quite a few to choose from closer to home. I think its part my sappy spot for tradition that does not allow us to move to a closer patch, but its also a large part that this is simply the best one, ever.

Entry is free and so are all of the many of activities they have for kids. There is so much to do! You can have your kids face painted, let them run through a huge hay maze, have them enjoy 5 huge inflatables, play on the play ground, and of course, enjoy all of the many beautiful pumpkins that have. There are also vendors at the top of the hill that sell all sorts of cute stuff. And lets not forget about the yummy food that is delightfully festive, such as kettle corn and hot coco. The owners make their money from selling their pumpkins, haystacks, and corn stalks. Sure, the pumpkins cost a good bit more than you would pay for them at Walmart, but it is so worth it. Even if they didn't have all of the fun activities for free, I think the magic of going into the field to pick YOUR pumpkin is worth the extra money all by itself. We take the kids several times during the month of October and buy at least a small pumpkin everytime. We wait to get our big pumpkin until closer to Halloween.

I took a ton of pictures while we were there, but didn't THE shot that I was hoping for. I desperately wanted a picture of the two kids sitting together in the field of pumpkins to frame. It did not happen. I may have to try again, but I promised Dylan that the next time we go, I will not take pictures the entire time, "You can have a couple of pictures, Mommy", is what he told me! I did get a couple of cute ones of them individually though. Here we go...
Dylan and London in the "Pumkin House"

Dylan so enjoyed the huge slides and jumpy houses!

My little pumpkin in the wagon. I dreamt about how wonderful this would be last year! And it was every bit as magical as I had hoped for!

My other little pumpkin. I adore how excited he is about Holidays and festivities this year. It makes it so much more special. This is also something I have been waiting for since he was a baby!
This picture just makes my heart happy. Daniel is the most amazing Daddy! Our kids adore him as much as I do.
This hay stack was pretty huge. I din't know Dylan was going to jump until it was to late. Daniel was taking the picture, so he saw the jump coming and it didn't faze him. haha! He is really the cool one. I do love these two pictures.This is the closet I got to a good shot of the two of them. They were just done. We were past nap time for London and Dylan was ready to get back to playing. I guess it isn't an awful one. And I just love the two pumpkins in it to pieces and pieces!

*Just say y'all know, I have always called Dylan "Pumpkin" and London too. Its not just in theme of this post that I refer to them as that! :D

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  1. Could her outfit be any cuter?! :)

  2. You got GREAT pictures! I love her outfit!!!