Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Church Program

Our church's Christmas Pageant is always one of my favorite Christmas events of the year.
I remember being in the Christmas Pageants in my church when I was little, like it was yesterday. Its surreal to me that now I have kids that are old enough to be in their own programs.

London was a sheep again this year. And a mighty cute one.

Dylan was Gabrielle. He was so, so excited about this because he had a lot of lines and he got to wear a microphone. I'm pretty sure he thought he was VIP. I tried to "man up" the angel costume a bit, but that proved hard to do. lol. He looked precious and did a great job, especially since he went straight from a curtain call at Its a Wonderful Life to the church stage.

The play this year was so cute and funny. All the kids did a great job and got lots of laughs. 
Here are some more pictures from the night....

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