Monday, December 31, 2012

Its a Wonderful Life

Dylan is probably the most creative kid I've ever known. He could sing along to Pearl Jam and Coheed and Cambria (thanks to his dad) before he could form full sentences. When we would pick him up from preschool his teachers use to tell us about concerts he put on for the class. Around the time he turned four, he developed a love of all things super hero. This lead to a whole world of imaginary play, which he would use to fill almost any spare moment he had. He began "writing" scripts for movies before he could actually read. This is why when he tell us that he's going to be a famous movie director and actor when he grows up, we kind of believe him. Even if that's not what he does, I don't doubt that he'll be in a creative field of some sort.

So, when he said he was ready to "really start acting" I did a little research and found a local theater. I asked Daniel if he would try out also, hoping that this would calm any nerves Dylan had. When they got back from the auditions, I couldn't wait to hear all about it. I was so tickled to hear that Dylan asked to read for the biggest roll the had for a kid. Daniel also read for the lead. My boys have high ambitions (and self esteem).
A couple of days later we found out that they were both cast in the play, It's a Wonderful Life, Daniel as Hairy Bailey and Dylan as Tommy Bailey.

This was such a fun experience for the two of them. Sadly Daniel's work went into crazy over drive and he had to pull out of the show. Dylan was the main reason for this whole thing though, so we were just excited for him to have this opportunity. He was pretty nervous the opening night, but once he had one night under his belt, stage fright was not a problem for our little star.


He did a great job and had so much fun. He says he can't wait until the next play..

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