Sunday, January 6, 2013

Classroom Parties

I've always noticed other moms with multiple children trying to balance the party scenes during the Holidays, bouncing from one child's classroom to another. On one hand, I felt sad for them that they had to miss half (or third, fourth, ect..) of each kids party. On the other hand, how lucky that they have more than one kiddo. I mean, they must get to make double the goody bags and double the home made cookies with beautiful frosted piping. I mean that's how I roll. I go all out for the holidays. I make 30 little cake pop Christmas trees for Dylan's sweet classmates. And other years I plan the whole party top to bottom with lots of lovely details. Yep. That's how I roll. Or rolled. When there was one kid in school. Now I have two kids in school and bless their hearts... I don't seem to have my act together at all these days. You would think it would be double the work, having two kids in school rather than one, but it seems to be like quadruple the work somehow. Maybe because they are at two different schools?? I don't know. I just don't have my act together. There have been zero fancy, or even homemade treats sent into either school from the Hilburn house.  When I sign up list is posted I find the easiest item and plop my name down beside it. I am Dylan's room mom, but I don't feel like I've had to to much with that. Maybe I'll be better the second half of the year. Or maybe I won't. The world will still go round either way, I'm sure.

All of that to say.... This was the first year that both kiddos had a Christmas party at school.
And wouldn't you know that not only were their parties on the same day, they were at the same stinkin time.
The only thing I could do was split my time. Luckily London's Party started 10 minutes before Dylan's. This meant I was able to stay 20 minutes with London, drive 5 to Dylan's, and be there for last 20 of his. It was a crazy day, but fun! And I feel so blessed to get to party with TWO kiddos. ;)

London's Party was first.
She was most excited to give Mrs Courtney her gift and also have cupcake.

Most pictures I took have other people's kids in them, so I wont share them, but here are a few..

I signed up for juice boxes. Then I felt bad that I signed up to only bring juice boxes. This is her very first Christmas party. I mean I should hand paint Santa hats for the whole class, like I did for Dylan... right!?  So, I found these cute little snow men bottles and instantly felt better about bringing juice. I know that I'm silly and crazy but its just how I think.

London is such a social butterfly. It was fun seeing her with all of her friends. She was a little clingy to me, which surprised me a little, but I'll take all the extra hugs any day!!

Another thing that surprised me is that she got a little upset when I told her I had to leave. She LOVES school and is sad on days that she doesn't go (she goes 3 days a week), and she never ever cares that I'm leaving during drop off. I guess because other moms were there and she didn't want hers to leave? I don't know, but it made me sad. She was easily consoled with a cookie though, and I snuck out the door.
 Next was Dylan's party.
I did help plan the details of this party but another group of moms executed it and did a great job!

I loved this little tree they decorated as their craft. 
As soon as I got there, Dylan asked for his gift to Mrs Butts, his teacher. I love that my babies having giving hearts.

His class did a book exchange with chapter books. 
I loved this Santa project they had done earlier in the month. Dylan is so funny.

And that was the big day of parties. Maybe next year their parties will be at different times, or better yet different days!?

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