Sunday, January 6, 2013

White Christmas

About three or four weeks ago Dylan proclaimed that he was asking Santa for snow this year. I'm pretty sure it was 75 degrees and holding at the time. I said something (clever, I'm sure) about how that would be pretty much impossible for Santa. Dylan did not buy into what I had to say. He believed the whole time that he would get snow. The weather finally got cool the week before Christmas, but not freezing so I still thought snow was not even a possibility. Then, 3 or so days before Christmas, I start hearing chatter about a possibility of snow. I didn't believe it. I was shocked when around lunch time on Christmas day it began snowing. It wasn't just a light powder. It snowed pretty hard for a good two and a half hours.

We bundled up and headed out to play in it as soon as there were a couple of inches down.


Both of the kids were excited, but especially Dylan. He didn't seem surprised though. He truly believed the entire time that his snow was coming. It felt like true Christmas Magic. 

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