Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seeing Santa and Jammie day

I took the kids to see Santa at the mall yesterday. I drove past two other malls to get the this specific mall because we love their Santa and have used him since we've lived in Texas. He is so nice and looks so much like the real deal. The whole day went beautifully and the kids had a grand ole time. I was so excited because I was able to get two really great shot of the kids with Santa, and I also bought 1 5x7 from the Santa people. We stopped and took some pictures in front of the huge tree in the mall, and there must have been some Christmas magic in the air because I swear I got at least 5 shots of BOTH kids looking and smiling at the camera... AT THE SAME TIME (magic, I'm telling you!). I even got some great shots of each of them individually.

What? I should share those pictures here with you? Oh, I would LOVE too. But I freakin deleted them all before I could download 'em to my computer. I'm not kidding. I'm sick over it. And to top it all off, the Santa picture I bought at the mall came out of the envelope with a big ole yellow mark right on Santa's face. Really. Sick. Although, if that's what ales me the most, I do feel blessed.

So here are a few from last week that I never did upload.

Even one from Jammie day at Dylan's school. It was this past Friday and he was SO stinkin excited to wear his jammies to school, that you would have thought we were going on vacation. Speeking of which, I have some packing to do.

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