Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Christmas Program 2010

The kindergarten class put on their annual Christmas pageant on this morning, and lucky for me... I have a kindergartner, so I got to go! I love, love, love holiday programs, they just melt my heart. And my boy melts my heart. Put the together and I'm a puddle of gooshiness.

I was a big bummed when they came out because Dylan was in the back row and I couldn't get any good pictures of him, but I could see him just fine so I couldn't complain too much. He was a little rockstar on that back row! But then, to my delighted surprise the back row and front row flipped around so that my boy (and all the other cuties on his row) was on the front! And as much as he rocked it in the back, he BROUGHT it in the front row. I think he knew that people were watching him, now that he was front and center.
They sang Feliz Navidad and I can not even begin to tell you how darn cute he was. He was SO into the song, especially the line "from the bottom of my heart" when he would grab his little chest and furry his sweet little brows... puddle, I'm telling you. It was so stinkin cute and really so funny!
As so very cute as this program was, I can not wait until Sunday when he is in our church's Christmas program! More to come on that soon!

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