Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Pageant 2010: A Journey to Bethlehem

My boy has always been a brilliant actor. He has been creating and preforming plays for years now. His stage is usually our living room, his bedroom, outside in the yard, or the playground and his audience is normally his family and friends. Last night though, my boy took his skills to a real stage. And he was... brilliant. Seriously, he was such a good little actor last night in the roll of The Inn Keeper.

Turns out I'm a totally stage mom right down to mouthing the words of his lines as he says them. Its cool though.
After his oscar-worthy preformance (Can you tell I'm one proud Momma?) he took the stage with the Children's Choir, and turns out his a double thread because he rocked that song! I mean he just tilted his little head back and sang his heart out. It was the cutest thing ever.

I mean, I will laugh everytime I think about this for the next few months... it was THAT cute and funny.
After the show everyone told Dylan how well he did. I know that when I was a kid I would get crazy shy when a grown up gave me a compliment, but my little guy is so cool and calm about it. He just gives a big smile and says "Thanks!"
This was Dyl's first big part in a program, and he could not have done any better. We are so proud of our little Star. We think London will follow right in her big brother's foot steps!

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