Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Break Staycation

This year for spring break we enjoyed a STAYcation.

Each day I let the kids pick out a fun activity for us to do.

Monday we went to a pottery painting place. I thought they'd choose a piggy bank or something but they both wanted to paint bowls.

Tuesday (I think... I may be getting days mixed up) we went to the zoo with a bunch of our friends.
Both kids loved it, but London was especially excited to be there. She loves animals, so she was in heaven!


Wednesday Dylan wanted to have a "lazy day". London likes to stay on the go. For as long as she could talk she has woke up in the mornings saying "what are we doing today" meaning "where are you taking me?". Dylan on the other hand is a home-body. He loves staying in his pjs all day and playing in the house.

Thursday, Daniel was able to take a day off of work. We took the kids to see a movie then to play and eat and a cool little arcade.

Then we ran by Daniel's office to pick up a copy of the latest game he worked on.
I'm pretty sure we went to the park on Friday, but I have no pictures to prove it. ;)
It was a fun week and a sweet little taste of Summer, which is around the corner (we can't wait!!)

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