Friday, April 19, 2013

St Patricks Day

While Saint Patricks day is not a "big" holiday for us, I do love any excuse to celebrate!

 Obviously we all dressed in a green-sunday-best for church!
The kids could not believe it when they realized that a leprechaun had visited our house! I mean,we've never had one visit us before! Because everyone knows that this only happens a handful of times in anyones life. Or at least that's the story I came up with after seeing this cute idea on pinterest.

He caused a little chaos in our kitchen and he left a treasure hunt for the kids! 
That hung lead them to a bunch of green and gold treasures! Here is some of the loot...

And what's St P's days without a green meal?
Confession: I put so much food coloring in those drinks that you could taste it! Yuck! I made the kids poor it all out and make believe their regular water was green. ;) 
Last year I made "Leprechaun floats."
I had forgot about them, but the kids reminded me of their "favorite tradition" a few days before St Patty's.
Sometimes I wonder if they even notice all the little details I pour into special days.
It made my heart smile to know they do!

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