Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter 2013 Church Service

Our church offers a children's service and egg hung the Saturday night before Easter.  The whole service is done like childrens church. I think its a really cool thing to offer families with young kids. I always plan for us to go to church again on Easter Sunday but the for the last two years we didn't make it.

I loved our color combo this year:

Daniel and I were in charge of the egg hunt this year. We put out over 4,000 eggs!

The kids got a sneak peak of the fields full of eggs and London was obsessed with this big blue egg. It about killed her to not be able to take it before the hunt even started.
This year London was really excited about Easter. We talked a lot about why we celebrate it. One night I asked the kids what the reason was and London said "I know!! Because Jesus died and froze again!"  I love this age so much!
 Dylan said a prayer during the Easter service and then lead the Lord's prayer. He did a great job!

Those 4,000 eggs were gone in no time flat. I bet it took less than 5 minutes.
There was even a VIP guest after the hunt...

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