Saturday, December 1, 2012

Memom and Umpa's House

Our second half of the trip was spent at Daniel's parents house, aka Memom and Umpa. They live on a river and its the most beautiful, relaxing place. We were so excited to have a few days to enjoy there. The weather was perfection and the kids spent most of their days outside. 

We had a little impromptu scavenger hunt. The kids had to find a leaf bigger than their hand, a forked twig, a white rock, and a rock in the shape of a letter (easier than it sounds, actually). 

Memom and Umpa have lots of land around the house and they are always adding fun things to it. Currently they are working on putting in a volleyball court. Daniel is super excited about this. 

They had just had the sand for it delivered. It wasn't spread out yet, so the kids had a giant hill of sand to play in. How much fun is that?


To say that were filthy when they were done playing would be an understatement. We washed them off in a creak. Yes, I just said that. Sounds kind of storybookish doesn't it?

Then we showered them in a real bathtub.
There's nothing like a freshly bathed babe. 
London's favorite place at Memom and Umpa's is the hammock. Its the first thing she runs to when we arrive and the last thing she does before we leave.
Umpa recently built a rockwall  and monkey bars on the side of the house.
This is where Dylan could be found at any given time.
Daniel and his dad whipped together a picnic table and four benches while the kids played. Literally  It took them a couple of hours.

Occasionally the kids would trade places...

We had two bonfires while we were there, one to make smores and one to roast hotdogs. 
We ate lots of yummy food. London was Memom's sous chef. 
We walked down to the river to skip a couple of rocks and take pictures. I'm planning to use them for our Christmas card... so I wont share them yet. Although I think its safe to say we wont use this one..

We had the best time. Our days there were full of rest that was much needed, laughter, and memories. Thanks, Memom and Umpa... can't wait to be back in a few weeks. 

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