Friday, November 30, 2012

Date Night with Dylan

Tonight Dylan and I had the best date night ever.

Daniel and Dylan are going to be in the play, Its a Wonderful Life (more on that later) and usually Daniel takes Dylan to all the rehearsals. Tonight he had to work late though, so he asked me to take Dyl. I'll be honest, I was a little annoyed at first. The practice didn't even start until 7pm and I didn't want London out past her bedtime. But when my mom offered to come over and sit with London, I agreed to drive him.
I'm so glad I that went. It was so fun to see Dylan on stage. He takes it so seriously. 
He only has a couple of lines but he does a great job with them.

After rehearsal wrapped we walked outside and found tons of people walking the square (the theatre is right on the town square) and live music playing. I asked Dylan if he'd like to go on a date. He smiled that smile he gets when he's excited and surprised, wrapped his arm around my waist and said yes. We followed the sound of the music and found a band playing Feliz Navidad. Dylan instantly started dancing. He looks and acts just like his Daddy, but THAT he gets from me. We both danced and smiled ear to ear the entire length of the song.  I watched him swaying his hips and moving his feet way faster than the beat of the music and tears instantly welled up in my eyes. I said a quick prayer that I would never forget this moment. Being with my sweet eight year old boy, watching him dancing without a care in the world, knowing that he loves that I'm dancing with him and that he isn't embarrassed by his mom, feeling how much he loves hanging out with me.... it was the best moment I've had in a while. I only wish I could freeze it and soak it in a little longer.

When the song was over, he asked if we could go get ice cream.
We went to this little yogurt shop and talked about how second grade was different than what he expected, what he wants to be when he grows up, his friends, and a funny thing that happened at school today.
He talked and I listened. Like really listened. I'm so, so guilty of "talking" to the kids while doing other things. I listen for bits and pieces but I don't soak in everything they have to say. I'm pretty sure every parent does this and I'm not beating myself up over it, but  I'm going to work on being better at  really listening to them.

We also played Wii at  the yogurt shop. He says that this was his favorite part of the night.

On the way home, I took a wrong turn (or two) and got us pretty lost. My phone was dead so I didn't have GPS. I told him that we'd have to figure it out the old fashion way and he says, in complete seriousness,"I'm just a boy, not a man, so I don't have a compass in my head yet!" I'm still laughing. Daniel always says that men have an internal compass and don't get lost.
Little ears hear everything.

Tonight was one of the best nights I've had in... I don't know how long.
I love this boy. But tonight I love him even more.
Tonight was the kind of night that you want to freeze and breath in.
It was the kind of night where you are so aware of the little hand your holding, noticing how big it feels now but that its still smaller than yours.
Tonight is the kind of night that makes you feel so lucky to be his mom.
I'm still smiling about it.

I try hard to be a good mom, I really do, but tonight made me want to be a better mom.
My kids are amazing.
I want to be amazing for them.  

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