Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soccer Stars

Our two little pumpkins had their first soccer game Monday night.
This is Dylan's second year to play and London first. And not only is this her first year to play soccer, but its her first ever team sport to play. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Londy Lou. She is a year younger than the minimum age to play, but since her Daddy was willing to coach, the league let her play up a year. She was at least a full year younger than all the other kids on the field and two year younger than some. She totally held her own though. I could tell  by the end of the game that she was starting to loose stamina and interest, but she did her best to stay with it. We were so proud of her.

 I love this picture of London and Dylan cheering on the team during a water break. 
Look at the picture below and see if you can figure who is coaching who here.
What I love about this picture is that she is on the field actually "playing" in the game. She looked up and noticed me taking pictures and gave me a nice little pose. Sassy Pants. I love her.
After London's game, we walked across to the big fields for our big man to play.
He was so excited to play goalie and he did a great job!
He blocked both the goals that were shot at him.
Turns out our team was pretty great at offence, which is awesome, but made for very little goalie action.
So he was excited to get to switch to offense in the second half of the game. He tried so, so hard and came close to a goal several time with no luck. I kept telling him "don't give up" (and I may have bribed him just a little). He stuck with it and at the very end of the game he scored a goal!

I love sitting on the sidelines and cheering these two little ones on.
I hope they always know that I'm their biggest fan, on and off the fields. 

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