Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of PreK3

For weeks now I've anxiously wondered what today would look like.
What would it be like to drop my baby off at preschool for the very first time...
How would she feel?
Would she cry?
Would she nervous?
Would such a big change be too much for her all at once?
Would she like it?
Would she be all smiles?

And that was just about me... next I had to think about London!

Kidding of course. Really, it was about both of us. I was nervous for her, nervous for me, happy for her, happy for me and a little sad for me.

I've known for months now that we would be sending her to school today. However, it didn't really set in with me until yesterday. We were at the store, London in the front seat of our buggy, and I said to her "I need to grab some turkey for Dylan's lunch tomorrow." To which she replied "What are you packing me for lunch tomorrow?" I started laughing hysterically. It had never registered in my brain that I would need to  pack two lunches. TWO. Two lunch to send away to school for the day. Then all of the sudden, the humor of it was lost and panic set in. I have to take her to school tomorrow. And leave her there. I be darn if I didn't have to hold back the ugly cry. Lip quivering, nose flared, big read eyes filled with tears... the whole bit. That poor deli woman probably thought I was nuts. Alas, I pulled myself together, and let London pick out some treats for her lunches this week.

Two lunches and two book bags. How crazy. 

This morning, London was so excited she could barely stand it! 
We asked her if she had any questions, but she didn't. She said was ready and excited. Not nervous at all. I'm so glad, because had she cried one tear or held my hand too tightly, not wanting to let go, I might have brought her right back home with me.

Dylan was such a sweet big brother this morning. Before he left for school he told her "London, today's the first day of your adventures at school! You'll LOVE it." 

I asked what she wanted for breakfast on her special day.
She said donuts, so that what she got! 

After our donut date, it was time for drop off. My hands got sweaty and I felt nauseous. I don't remember ever being THIS anxious, nervous or sad to drop Dylan off. I mean, I always shed a tear or two, but nothing like this. I'm so embarrassed to tell you that after we dropped her in her classroom, I sat on the couch in the lobby and cried. I think its in part because she is my baby and in part because I have never been at home alone during the day. When Dylan started preschool I had a job. I worked until I had London and then I stayed at home with her. Also, Dylan had a year of daycare under his belt. I was still emotional with him, but today was a whole new level. It was't just about leaving my baby at school, my baby who has been with me every day for her almost four years of life. It was about my first baby turning eight tomorrow. It was that both of my babies are growing up at lighting speed. It was about this new chapter of life. And it was about me being a big ole baby.

I might not have been completely ready for this, but London was.  She did amazingly well. Both her teacher and two of the specials teachers told me how great she did today. The music teacher said "She was SO ready for school." Which is exactly what my mommy heart needed to hear and what it already knew. My girl is going to soar this year. I'm so excited for her. 

She marched right to her cubby and threw her bookbag in. Then she pranced right on into her room. It was like she was a pro. 

 One thing that made today easier is that London has Mrs Debbie as her teacher, and we already love her!

I couldn't wait  to pick her up this afternoon and get my hands on those sweet cheeks! She was all smiles and happy stories when I picked her up. She gave Dylan the play by play as soon as we picked him up.
She can't wait to go back tomorrow. 

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  1. I like to think that coming to the nursery on a regular basis also helps because she's familiar with the place. That, and Mrs. Debbie is AWESOME. London will have an amazing year, don't worry! ;)