Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Fools!!!

Better Late than never, right?

I think April fools is such a fun day.
Its a day to put your maturity to the side.
24 hours to put the seriousness of life on hold.
A whole day to be silly and to give your inner child time
to stretch its legs and come out to play.

My inner child tends to peak out and say hello to the world (way, way, way) more often than once a year, but I just love a day that is dedicated to embracing it.

And for those who know my daddy, you know I get my jiving ways from him. My mom is funny, but my Daddy LOVES to pull practical jokes.

First prank of the morning went to the kiddos.
I asked them if they wanted juice for breakfast.
We don't drink juice in our house. It next to never happens.
So, there eyes light up and they both sing-song "YES!!".
I go to the fridge and with my back turned to them, act like I'm pouring it.
I set it down on the table and said to start drinking it while I get their breakfast ready.

When they went to sip it out of the straw, they realized it was JELLO!
Dylan was just beside himself.
London's little face was priceless.
I don't know what tripped them out the most,
the joke itself or that I let them eat JELLO for BREAKFAST!
I explained what April fools is to the kids.
They spent the rest of the time between breakfast and church trying to prank each other and Daniel and I. Dylan got me pretty good by sitting London GIANT stuffed cow on the toilet and turning the light off. When I went into the restroom, I jumped a mile high!!!

Both kids wore band aids to church. They practiced all the way there on what they would say and then saying "April FOOLS!" The first person to ask each of them and they both flopped like a pancake. Lol! I told Dylan it takes lots of practice. haha!

My favorite prank was on one of our sweet friends that we had lunch with.
While he was getting his food, I asked the cashier to tell him his card was declined. I had to sort of convince her, but she agreed. I ran to his wife and told her to watch. We were both in TEARS as the whole thing unfolded. The hubby was a champ about it, but I think I should be on the look out next year!

And for the finale, we got the kids one more time at dinner.
We told them we were starting with baked potatoes and ending with cupcakes.
The "baked potato" did not turn out so well. It was ice cream rolled in coco powder, which is supposed to look like the potato. I think it would have worked, except the ice cream melted so quickly. We put some frozen whip cream to look like sour cream and topped it with a dollop of yellow tinted chocolate. The kids new something was up right away because the ice cream was melting on the plate. It still got a good giggle!
The "cupcakes" really fooled 'em though!!
They really believed we were having a cupcake right after eating an ice cream "potato".
Yeh Right, Kiddos!
When they bit into their treat, they found meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes.
They thought it was funny but then were a little irritated when they figured out there were really no cupcakes.

Here's to letting our hair down and being plain silly more often!
"When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day."
~Marty Bucella

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