Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mississippi Day 1: McComb

It been almost a month since our trip to Mississippi.
Hello, my name is Carla, and I am a procrastinator.
I love keeping this little blog as a "memory book" for our family, and usually blogging is relaxing and enjoyable for me. However, when we come back from trips or there's a birthday or any other reason for having 800 photos in a folder, I get way overwhelmed and just shut down. It took me at least a week to weed through the photos in my folder from the trip. Another week to edit a few of them. And apparently a whole month to write about it. But atlas, here it is... our
Mississippi Easter 2012.

Last month, during what I thought was going to be Dylan's spring break we made a trip down to Mississippi.
We started our trip out at Daniel's parents house.
They live out in the middle of no where on a river.
Both mine and Daniel's cellphones are useless when we are there, if that gives you an idea of how much "in the woods" we are. I always welcome the break of emails, texts, phone calls, facebook, and internet. I think its refreshing to be "off the grid" for a couple of days.

The majority of our time there is always spent out doors. There is really nothing better.
Thursday morning, our first full day in MS, Umpa (Daniel's dad) took the kids outside to shoot airsoft guns. Let me tell you. I hate guns. I didn't even let Dylan play with nerf guns until well into kindergarten. I once had a fit because Dylan shot a bb gun with is Umpa. I don't let them pretend to shoot at anyone or anything around the house. I hate them. I do not know what possessed me. Maybe I couldn't think clearly in all that fresh air, maybe my senses were clogged by all the happiness that was floating around, I'm just not sure. But I let the kids shoot the air soft gun. We went over safety rules, I took a deep breath and watched in amazement of how much fun they were having.
I mean ear to ear smiles. I thought to myself that I would never get the thrill of guns... real, fake, or in between. But look at the smile on my three year old little girls face... she loved it! Dylan said it was his favorite thing of the day. I'm glad I let go and let them have fun.

And then. Something crazy happened in my brain and I decided to give the gun a try. Ya'll. I can't even explain it. Its not a real gun. It shoots little plastic pellets. But it was so addicting. I think I could have sat there and shot it all morning. Maybe there is something to getting pleasure out of guns. I don't think you'll catch me haging out at shooting ranges (is that what they are called?) or out shooting skeet any time soon, but I do see why others do. P.S. This was my 3rd time ever to hold a gun of any type. Just a little random tidbit for you. Oh, and don't you love my hilbilly fashions!? I swear it was not my original outfit for the day.

After shooting at targets for a while, we all headed down to the river. Usually we kayak down it, but the river was very high and not safe for the kids to be in. The kids love throwing rocks into the river and playing in the sand, so even without the kayaks it is an exciting adventure to them.
And its my favorite place to photograph them. Seriously, it is breathtakingly beautiful down there. I wish I had taken them back the next day in pretty clothes, but we didn't make time to. Oh well. I still love the ones of them in play clothes!

Daniel and the kids had grand ole time playing on this huge tree that had fallen and was laying across the sand and a little bit over river. I'm not sure exactly what they were pretending, but it looked like something good with lots of adventure and danger! He's such a great daddy..

And then London and Dylan ran 1000 times back and forth on the sand racing each other. Its amazing to me how entertaining racing is to kids. My little ones are so easy to please and delight. I love that about them. And please note London's tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. This must give her balance or super speed because this is how she will be seen most anytime she is running, riding her bike, or hula hooping.

After some time at the river, we walked back up to Memom and Umpa's house and played a little put put.
And helped Memom in the garden.
For lunch we roasted some wienies. There is no better lunch if you ask me (or London).
I think there was more out door fun to be had, but I can not account for it seeing as though I slept for at least three hours that afternoon. Hello, vacation!

That evening, Umpa set up eggs for the kids to dye. This was the first time London has ever gotten really into dying Easter eggs. She loved it and could have dunked 5 dozen of them into all the pretty colors and glitter. Dylan, on the other hand, thought his 1 dozen was just enough.
The kids went to bed in about 10 seconds flat that night.

Day 2 coming next month. Just kidding. Hopefully.

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