Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer So Far.

I have not done a great job at blogging this Summer. My camera has been broken twice now, but its been replaced both times... praise the Lord!, and in part because we have been so darn busy and by the end of the day I'm just pooped. Keeping track of the little things that make up our days is so important to me though, so once again, I'm going to try to do much, much better.

So, our Summer so far...

Its been full of playdates, slash-parks, "regular parks"(as Dylan calls them), library time, pools, picnics, day camps, shopping trips, sonic happy hour, bubbles, nightly movies, and just a whole lot of playing. Basically, Dylan thinks summer is the best thing that has ever happed to him. Last Summer, London was so little that we couldn't stay out in the heat and sun too much, so what we did was much more limited. The summer before that, I was WAY pregnant and HUGE and again what we could do was limited. So I think that Dylan may be on to something when he tells me every other day that "This is the best summer ever!", its the best one he can remember well anyways. The summer before I was pregnant with London, so 2007 was full of all kinds fun summer things too, and we were at the pool every. single. day. because thats what he loved to do. I don't think he remembers that though. And this summer is just as grand if not better, because this summer its THREE of us having a blast. And the weekends are the best because thats when we hit our magic number of four, with our Daddy tagging along with us wherever the spirit of summer takes us.

Last weekend, we took our Daddy to our magic place, the splash park. We go at least a couple times a week. There is a huge shady tree where I sit, read a book, and watch my babies soak in the joys of Summer. Daniel has been working crazy, crazy hours this past month, so he had not been able to come join us until last Saturday when we packed up our babes, some snacks, and each or our books and hit up Sonic for happy hour. Then, Daniel and I settled under the big tree sipping on our drinks, reading our books, talking about how much we love our little family, and watching our little bundles of love running, laughing, and loving life.

Occasionally one of our sweet babes would ask for us to swing them, slide with them, or help with the monkey bars. We were more than happy to oblige.

And then it came to me. The heat. It was unbearable. Ha. No, the brilliant idea that we should be splashing around with our kids, making memories and loving summer with them. And so we did.

And the kids went crazy with happiness when we jumped into the sprinklers with them. We ran around like crazy people squealing and giggling with joy as we chased each other in a game or two of tag. Then it was time to dry off and head home for movie time, a summer ritual now.

And that is pretty much how we try to spend every weekend so far this Summer. Family, laughs, sun, and water of some sort. Happiness, thats what Summer has been so far.

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