Wednesday, June 30, 2010

THIS is Summer.

The kids and I had such a wonderfully "Summery" day!

We started our morning off with two of our sweet neighbor girls. They came over to play while their brother went to the dentist, and the kids all had a big ole time. The played house, did some yoga (to one of Dyl's DVDs), and we even managed a little arts and crafts!

After nap, I need to run to Gymboree because they are having a sale on the their backpacks. The store I planned to go to is in an outdoors mall where there is a seasonal splash pad. For whatever reason, I've never let my kids play in it. Mainly because I never think "I need to go to the mall real fast, let me grab the kids bathing suits and towels!". Every single time that we pass by it Dylan pleads with me to remember a towel the next time so he can play. Well, I decided that today was a good day to try it out. I brought an extra pair of shorts that Dylan could just slip on under a towel and for London, I just slipped her dress off and let her go in the diaper. I stopped at Sonic (love me some Happy Hour) before hand, so all of us were as happy as a clam to soak up some sun outdoors!

When we pulled up to the mall area, Dylan asked if we could go to the bookstore. I told him sure and that we would go in the back entrance, this is where the splash pad is. When he saw the splash pad he said "Man, Mom!! We forgot AGAIN!". I said, "No I didn't!", and showed him the towel in my bag. I wish I had a video of his face. He was beyond excited. I told him to just take his shirt off and go, and he did that in no time flat! London was a little taken aback when she saw Dylan running into the water. She looked at me like, REALLY!? I asked if she wanted to go and she nodded with a shy smile, so I took her dress of and told her to take off. She was a little hessitant at first, but she warmed up to it pretty quickly. Dylan jumped right in to it with NO problem. He was swinging at the water squirting up like he was fighting a monster. It was too cute.

We stayed out there for a good hour, maybe hour and half before my Sonic drink was just not keeping me as cool as I needed it to. Ben and Jerry's is litterally right beside the splash pad, so it was so easy to get the kids to quit playing. I mean, hello!... "Kids, do ya'll want to go get some ice cream!?"... duh! They were more than happy to dry off and get their ice cream on.

Dylan got a lemonade sorbet that was SO sour. His face was priceless when he tried it.

And Miss Priss decided the spoon was taking much too long, and went to digging it out with her fingers. Usually I wouldn't be to excited, but it was such a wonderfully "summery" day... I didn't even care!
I stayed true to my word and still took them to the book store. We didn't stay too too long, but it was enough to let the kids have a little fun.

We'll for sure do this whole routine again, and again, and again! I told Daniel we'll have to do it over a weekend so he can enjoy it with us. Days like today are what Summer is all about.

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  1. That does sound like a perfect summer day : ) I loved it! I love how happy they both look. Pure joy!

    I am visiting via your comment at Enjoying the Small things. I always like to say hi to a few people in front of me over there : ) I know that I will most likely love any blogs by people that love hers. Super nice to meet you!

    Hope you have many more wonderful summer days just as today was for you :)