Monday, July 26, 2010


After working 12 plus hours everyday this week, including Saturday, our Daddy finally had the day off on Sunday!! I can't even tell you how nice it was to have a whole day (or more than two hours for that matter) with Daniel! It was so relaxing and refreshing, just what the doctor ordered.

It was like most any other Sunday here in the Hilburn household. We woke to a lazy morning, taking our time to get ready and hanging out watching tv, and chatting. Then, off to church followed by lunch with a group of friends. *Bliss*

After lunch we decided to stop for some snow cones, even though it was well into London's nap time. And snow cone, they were just weren't the doctor ordered too!

The boys spent some much needed "boy time" together while London and I got in our beauty rest. Oh, how I love a long Sunday nap! When London and I got up from our rest, Daniel and cooked supper together, another favorite Sunday ritual.

We decided that we deserved another Sunday treat, just because, so we headed to our favorite ice cream place, Frosty's. We love, love, love this little place! It is just full of charm and storries from 57 years ago when they first opened. The orginal owner's grandson now runs the joint. We just love this place and its vibe.
We decided to squeeze in just a little bit more fun, even though it was now past our little ones' bed time. We blew bubbles, ran in the grass, inspected bugs and spiders, and snapped a few picture here and there.

Daniel read the kids their bed time stories, and hour after their bedtimes, and tucked them in. He is not home in time for bed these days, so it was a real treat for them, Daniel included. Then it was time for me an my hubby to curl up and watch our favorite tv shows together. It was pure bliss.
We sure do miss Daniel right now while he's in "crunch" mode at work, but one thing is for sure, we appreciate all the small things much more when he is with us. Its those little moments that make our family so happy and complete.
My body and spirit are both refreshed, my energy and love tanks are full, and I am ready for a great week!

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