Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello. Once More.

Apparently, I am not great at keeping this thing up while staying extremely busy. haha! To my deference, my lap top crashed a couple weeks ago and is being shipped off to get fixed. Sure, I have the desktop, but who has time to come sit down at the desk for time at the computer!? Not me, or at least not very often. :)

So, In latest happening (I actually had reopen my Blog right now to see what my last post was, it has been THAT long!! yikes!) ...

My mom is STILL having trouble with her back and finding a solution that is going to help her. BUT we are much closer to finding that solution and things are looking up in that area! Thank the Lord!

Miss London Paisley is now a full on toddler at 13 months old! She got in FOUR more teeth, and is just a few shy of having a FULL mouth full! Wow! I can't believe my baby is getting so big.

I have decided to go back to school full time. Probably in January (more on that later though)!

Dylan is going on a big adventure with his Mommy, Daddy, or Sister and will be staying in Mississippi for 4 nights with his grandparents! He is more than excited, and I am more than nervous! haha! He is in great hands though.

My lap top is dead. I know, I already mentioned that, but at only 6 months old it shouldn't be... and I am quite irritated by this!

I can't believe it, but the Holidays are upon us with Thanksgiving next week and then the Christmas season! I have barely gotten anything ready, but will be kicking in full gear with that soon.

We are getting new living room furniture. This is very exciting, but extremely stressful. Too many options gives me such a headache. Plus, we are going to repaint, which gives me an even BIGGER head ache.

My kids had Swine Flue this past week. Yep. But it really wasn't very bad (Thank You, Jesus!) and they bounced back very quickly. We are all better now (Thank You, again!)

I'm sure there is much much more, but that's a pretty good run down for now. Hope everyone has been doing well! I am back. For real this time. Promise! :)

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