Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tomorrow Can't Come Fast Enough!

On Saturday we dropped Dylan off in Shreveport, LA to let him spend 4 nights in Mississippi with Daniel's parents. I thought that I was going to not get nervous, but I did. haha! I know that he is in very very good hands, but I am that overly protective extreme Type A kind of Mommy. Its just who I am, thankfully my family loves me anyways! :)

I overcame my anxiety though and after a quick cup of coffee and a little chit chat, I buckled him into Memom and Umpa's car, and waved until he couldn't see me anymore. I surprised myself (and Daniel) and did not cry. I know that he is being well taken care of. I trust them completely. Its just hard to not be there with him 24/7.

He is only five, but I could probably list out every single time that he has ever spent the night away from me, because its not a long list at all. Rather than leaving him overnight with my mom (she lives very close by) for a date night with Daniel, I almost always would rather just go pick him up. London is almost 14 months and has never spent the night away from home. What can I say?I just love having my babies near me. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with sending them to someone that you love and trust house for alone time, its just not MY favorite thing. :)

So, tomorrow is the day that my little man comes back home to me (and his Daddy and sister...)!!! I'm like a kid the night before Christmas. I just can't wait. I'm thinking that I will go to bed early9ish) tonight just to get the time her faster!

But in the mean time, I'm so glad that he was able to get to go down for this time with his Grandparents. Its is so important to Daniel and I that he (and London too one day) gets to spend as much time as he can with them. He loves them soooo much and loves to be at their house. I've talked to him several times daily and he is just having a blast!

He called me when he got to their house Saturday and was already in hog heaven playing video games with Memom and Umpa. Sunday he got to play all the instruments at the church that his Umpa pastors. He really loves the drums, so I know that just made his day. When I talked to him on Monday he could hardly contain his excitement that his cousin Lexy was coming over! Memom had a whole Thanksgiving dinner and invited over Daniel's little sister and her family as well as his Grandparents. So, Dylan got to see his Grandma and Grandpa AND Lexy in the same night. THAT makes for one happy little boy. Today, I bet was Dylan's favorite because not only did he spend the day with Lexy, they went to ride some horses! Dylan pretended to be his favorite super hero, Link (from Legends of Zelda) while he rode, complete with his costume! I wish I could have been there to see his face, because I just not his smile was a mile wide!

I talked to him just a bit ago, and he was having dinner at Umpa's church. I asked him if he was ready to come home tomorrow and he said he was having lots of fun but missed us, so YES! he is ready! Yay!!! Me too. Tomorrow can not come fast enough!

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  1. I understand!! I do NOT like to be away from my kids!! I love to go eat dinner with my hubby, or my girlfriends on a special occasion, but I don't like to leave them overnight.
    I'm sure Dylan will be so excited to see you too!!