Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Recap

Nothing overly intresting to report on. It was just a good 'ole traditional Thanksgiving again this year, praise the Lord! :)

When we woke up, I made monkey bread and shoved it in the oven. Then we watched (well, more like watched at) the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the kids played with their toys like any other morning. It was nice to have Daniel home from work, so that made it a special morning! He even sat down and watched ll of about 1 minute a little bit of the parade with me before he declared that he would have to scratch his eyeballs out if forced to watch more beingdone with it.Then we all sat down together with our warm, gooey monkey bread and chocolate milk (don't worry, this is a very special treat... we really are healthy(ish) people!) It was just a very leisurely morning of hanging out together and slowly getting ready.

Every year we spend Thanksgiving at my big brother's house for a late lunch. This year was no different and every bit as enjoyable as it usually is! We had more food than we knew what to do with. In fact there were more dishes of food than there were people to eat them. Not small dishes either, big casserole, Texas sized dishes. I'm not even kidding. There were five sinfully delicious deserts. I ate. until. I. could. NOT. breathe. I'm not exaggerating. Okay, maybe I am a little. I COULD breath, but not well. And we all needed a serious nap afterwards.

The boys had a little extra room for all the yummy food, because of the football game they enjoyed earlier while the woman slaved away worked in the kitchen


The nap had to wait though, because the next part of our traditional Thanksgiving is maybe my favorite. We pull out the 100lb newspaper and get out 98lbs of glorious sales adds! Really

though, I think they were a good two inches thick! No,

we don't actually hit up all of those stores. I don't think you physically could. Well, maybe if you were Santa. But since we are not Santa, we do not go to every single store. In fact we always go to the same three stores, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us. And, we don't ever go to all three. There just isn't enough red bull to go around for that. But we usually hit up one or two of those three stores, my mom and I. Its like the shopping Olympics, we love it! Anways, we still look through all the papers just for kicks. What can I say, we both have serious shopping issues. haha!

While the girls are browsing the papers, all of the boys indulge in some video games. Its very cute to see the big boys (aka men) playing with the little boys. London Paisley roamed around between all of us and just had a big ole time, I think she even fit in a little karaoke. Then, after a little more visiting we all head home. We have to get to bed early so we can be up bright and early for those sales!

Hope all of you had a fun thanksgiving too!

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