Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!!

This is going to be one of those post that wont be extremely interesting to many people. Its going to more for me and my memories. I love that I can treat my blog as a journal of our life!

This year, I have had so so much to be Thankful for. But, these are the things that top are the

three people in this photo with me (This picture isn't perfect, and neither are we... But like are family its full of funny stories (I'll tell y'all about London's shirt later) and lots of love. Its what we got when trying for perfect family photo! haha!):

Always number on in my heart, my handsome and sweet husband, Daniel. I love this man more than I'll ever be able to put into words. If there are such things as soul mates, he is mine. He is my best friend, my companion, my protector, my partner, my strength... Baby, "those are just a few of the millions of reasons I love you!"

Also the most important people in my life, are my two beautiful babies.

Dylan, you are not a baby and more. Your not even a toddler. You are a handsom, smart, super funny little boy. No matter how big you get, you will always be MY baby though. I love when you come and give me one of those extra special hugs of yours for no reason other than you love me. I love watching you pretend in your imaginary world and I love watching you learn new things everyday! You have really bloomed in the past year. Daddy and I are amazed at how quickly you are growing and how you are such a smart kid! You are the best cuddle buddy ever and I will always love watching movies and cartoons with you, just to get in as much cuddle time as I can.

London, my princess! You are everything I ever drempt having a little girl would be! You are as girly as they come, my love... and Mommy would not have it any other way! I can not believe that last thanksgiving, you were only one month old, and this Thanksgiving you are a 13 month old toddler, walking and talking! You are such a smart little girl! Daddy and I love watching you explore every new thing you come into contact with. Daddy says your his little scientist! This is such a fun age with you! I love that you have recently become more and more cuddly and that you give kisses just to sweet. I think maybe the cutest thing your doing at the moment is dancing! It makes me smile every single time.

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  1. What a beautiful post! It amazes me how much my little man changes day to day.