Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Day of 1st Grade!

Its officially SUMMER TIME!!

Dylan had his last day of 1st grade on Friday.
I say it all the time... but time flies by so quickly!
It feels like last week that Daniel and I were walking this sweet little 3 year old into preschool for the very first time. Now, we're walking a tall proud 7 year old boy into his last day of 1st grade.
I got just a little teary eyed walking him down the hallway, his little hand in mine, but mostly I'm just so excited to have both babies home for the summer!
Daniel took the day off and I planned a whole day of fun for the "First Day of Summer.''
We started the morning with our traditional "Last Day of School" Breakfast, donuts!
Then we headed over to the school for Dylan's big day.
School was only for half of a day, and that whole time was spent having a party.
I don't know who had more fun, Dylan or London.
At the end of the party, Dylan started crying hysterically and said his tummy hurt. I was a little panicked because I had a whole day planned and wasn't sure if we'd get to enjoy it. Thankfully, he was better before we even left the school. The nurse said she thought he just ate too much and too fast after being so active all morning. Whew! Thank the Lord!
Once school was out, and 1st grade was officially over, it was time to begin a day of fun surprises!
I saw this idea on pinterest and was so excited to make a "Welcome to Summer" sign.
The kids loved it and were so excited when they saw it.
After they burst through their sign, they came in and found a bucket full of fun new pool toys.
We rested for a little bit, mostly to make sure Dylan's tummy was okay, and then we headed to my mom's house to let the kids swim and play with their new toys. But first we stopped to get one of our favorite summer treats... frozen yogart!!
After swimming, we spent some time visiting with my Mom at her house.
Dylan's latest trick is to "climb" walls.
We wrapped the day up have burgers at my very favorite place, Fudruckers.
Grammy sent money for the arcade as an extra sweet treat.
The perfect chery on top of our sweet day!
Happy Summer!!!

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  1. Hey Carla! Thanks for dropping by! :) First, your kids are SO, SO precious! Second, I LOVE your daugher's name! (I actually just went to London for the very first time a few weeks ago and loved EVERY second!)

    Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend. :)