Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Time!

We are about three weeks into summer.

Time is flying by, which makes me sad.
Summer is by far my favorite time of the year.
There is nothing better than having both my babies at home with me,
and being on our own schedule.

So far, summer has been great.
We've spent a lot of time in water.
Pools, water parks, and splash pads.
We try to be in the water every day.
Though, due to VBS preparation
 and now with VBS in full swing,
it is been almost a full
week since they've been in it.
Hopefully we'll return to our "Summer Norm" soon.

The kids made a check list for summer.
Its a big one.
Two pages of pure fun.
We've been working on checking things off one by one.

Silly string fight was at the top of the list.
 The kids and I waited outside and attacked Daniel when he got home from work.

Another item on the list was game night with friends.
We went bowling with friends a couple of weekends ago.
Not sure this is the kind of game night the kids were talking about,
but bowling is a game and we did play it with friends.
I'm sure we'll have an actual game night too. 
And Splash Pads.
It amazes me how amusing the kids find this to be.

Some other items they we check off are:
Staying up until Midnight (and still waking up at 7:30... not fun)
Have Ice Cream for Dinner
Having a sleep over.

We have lots more to do before the checklist is complete.
Can't wait!

Happy Summer, Ya'll!

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