Friday, May 25, 2012

Almost Summer Time...

Summer is so close I can taste it!
Literally, thanks to summer slim down diet. More on that in a minute.
The sweetness of summer is what I'm really tasting.
Its only one week away and the kids and I can not wait!

I feel like a recent trip to the farmers market on the square
 of a neighboring town is a great little window into our summer plans..

Okay, maybe we don't plan to hold baby goats all summer long.

We do plan to use goats milk soap though, does that count?

And while I do NOT plan on getting into "juicing" we are running full throttle into
a super healthy food plan for the whole family. Not a diet, but just a huge change
in the way we eat. Good by to most all processed foods!

We'll still have sweet treats every now and then though.
And maybe I could even learn to make them gluten free like
the delicious cookies that the kids had at the market.
We plan to be outdoors a lot. Early morning bike rides. Evening picknicks. Midday swims.
Sounds like heaven.
Their was live entertainment at the market. The kids, but especially Dylan, loved
listening to the music. I see more weekend trips to the market in our summer plans, for sure!

And lots and lots and lots of snuggle time too!

I can't wait!

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